Marc Guillemont

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Chorus systèmes CHORUS: in ancient Greek drama, a company of performers providing explanation and elaboration of the main action. ABSTRACT: The Cnonus technology has been designed for building o'new generations" of open, distributed, scalable Operating Systems. CHoRus has the following main characteristics: ¡ Ír comÍ[tnication-based technology, relying on a(More)
An important trend in operating system development is the restructuring of the traditional monolithic operating system kernel into independent servers running on top of a minimal nucleus or " microkernel ". This approach arises out of the need for modularity and flexibility in managing the ever-growing complexity caused by the introduction of new functions(More)
CHORUS ® is a registered trademark of Chorus systèmes. UNIX ® is a registered trademark of AT&T COMPAQ ® is a registered trademark of Compaq Computer Corporation SCO ® is a registered trademark of Santa Cruz Operation CHORUS/MiX is a trademark of Chorus systèmes All other brand or products names mentioned in this document are identified by the trademarks or(More)
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