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Gene transfer agents (GTAs) are phage-like particles that can package and transfer a random piece of the producing cell's genome, but are unable to transfer all the genes required for their own production. As such, GTAs represent an evolutionary conundrum: are they selfish genetic elements propagating through an unknown mechanism, defective viruses, or(More)
Small non-coding RNAs (sRNAs) are regulatory RNA molecules that have been identified in a multitude of bacterial species and shown to control numerous cellular processes through various regulatory mechanisms. In the last decade, next generation RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) has been used for the genome-wide detection of bacterial sRNAs. Here we describe(More)
Small non-coding RNAs (sRNAs) are involved in the control of numerous cellular processes through various regulatory mechanisms, and in the past decade many studies have identified sRNAs in a multitude of bacterial species using RNA sequencing (RNA-seq). Here, we present the first genome-wide analysis of sRNA sequencing data in Rhodobacter capsulatus, a(More)
The CD24 cell surface receptor promotes apoptosis in developing B cells, and we recently found that it induces B cells to release plasma membrane-derived, CD24-bearing microvesicles (MVs). Here we have performed a systematic characterization of B cell MVs released from WEHI-231 B lymphoma cells in response to CD24 stimulation. We found that B cells(More)
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