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A true science of data visualizations requires both a theory of perception and of computer graphics. However, visualization designers have paid relatively little attention to perceptual issues. In this article, I outline how knowledge of human visual perception and physiology can lead to more effective visualizations. Bertin's (1983) Image Theory, the only(More)
The moving target defense (MTD) strategy allows defenders to limit the effectiveness of attacker reconnaissance and exploitation. Many academic works have created MTDs in different deployment environments. However, network-based MTDs (NMTDs) share key components and properties that determine their effectiveness. In this work, we identify and define seven(More)
Side-channel attacks utilize information leakage in the implementation of an otherwise secure cryptographic algorithm to extract secret information. For example, adversaries can extract the secret key used in a cryptographic algorithm by observing cache-timing data. Threshold cryptography enables the division of private keys into shares, distributed among(More)
I have a master's degree and Ph. D. in experimental psychology as well as 41 years of experience in basic and applied research in perception, attention, reaction time, memory, human factors, driver behavior and related areas. My master's research was in learning and reaction time my Ph. D. dissertation was in human vision. I subsequently had postdoctoral(More)
Attacks on the microarchitecture of modern processors have become a practical threat to security and privacy in desktop and cloud computing. Recently, cache attacks have successfully been demonstrated on ARM based mobile devices, suggesting they are as vulnerable as their desktop or server counterparts. In this work, we show that previous literature might(More)
Dr. Marc Green is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has an experimental psychology Ph. D. and 34 years of experience in basic and applied research in perception, attention, reaction time, memory, man-machine interfaces and related areas. He has also served as an expert on matters related to road accidents, warnings, falls, police shootings, product design(More)
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