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Purpose: We tested the hypothesis that because of their reduced neural efficiency, glaucoma patients should have increasingly impaired thresholds as external noise is added to a stimulus. Method: We compared the performance of 20 normals (mean age = 39 years) with that of 15 patients with early glaucoma or at very high risk for glaucoma (mean age 45 years).(More)
The moving target defense (MTD) strategy allows defenders to limit the effectiveness of attacker reconnaissance and exploitation. Many academic works have created MTDs in different deployment environments. However, network-based MTDs (NMTDs) share key components and properties that determine their effectiveness. In this work, we identify and define seven(More)
Attacks on the microarchitecture of modern processors have become a practical threat to security and privacy in desktop and cloud computing. Recently, cache attacks have successfully been demonstrated on ARM based mobile devices, suggesting they are as vulnerable as their desktop or server counterparts. In this work, we show that previous literature might(More)
The development of optical and neural factors affecting visual acuity is reviewed with the aim of determining the age at which the relationship between optical and neural factors become mature. Delayed development of extrastriate cortical and indirect visual pathways may account for differences in acuity assessed by preferential looking and pattern reversal(More)