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The authors report a patient with Miller-Fisher syndrome in whom MRI of the brain stem showed increased signal density on T2 sequence anterior to the fourth ventricle, on the right and the left. The authors discuss the relation between these MRI abnormalities and some clinical features of the syndrome. The authors believe that the cardinal features of(More)
The results of corpus callosotomy in 18 patients 16 years old and younger are presented. Eighty-three percent of our patients have had a significant improvement from the surgery (a decrease in seizure frequency of greater than 80% or no longer having generalized atonic, tonic, or tonic-clonic seizures). The procedure seems to be well tolerated in young(More)
A better understanding of the natural history of intracerebral haemorrhages (ICH) with cohorts representing the whole spectrum of the disease is necessary to improve treatment. Our aim was to identify potential differences in baseline characteristics and short-term outcomes of patients with non-traumatic ICH, included in a hospital- and in a(More)
The authors report the case of a 2-year-old infant who presented with paroxysm and short changes characterized by acute drowsiness, cold sweats, ocular reversion, facial cyanosis, and bradycardia. Between these attacks, the condition was normal, suggesting diencephalic seizures. Over 2 months five fits were observed by the parents when some to-and-fro(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the proportion of French hospitals meeting criteria for primary (PSC) or comprehensive (CSC) stroke centres, with that of 24 other European countries. We surveyed 121 randomly selected hospitals admitting stroke patients routinely in France and 765 in other European countries. We determined the proportion of(More)
BACKGROUND Hemostatic biomarkers have been associated with coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke. However, few studies have investigated these associations in the elderly. Moreover, vascular factors may be involved in dementia. Data on the relationship between hemostatic biomarkers and dementia remain scarce. OBJECTIVES Our study aimed to investigate(More)
OBJECTIVES The length of stay in the emergency department (ED) has been proposed as an indicator of performance in many countries. We conducted a survey of length of stay in two large areas in France and tested the hypothesis that patient and ED-related variables may influence it. PATIENTS AND METHODS During 2007, we examined lengths of stay in ambulatory(More)
The authors report the ninth case of progressive familial encephalopathy in infancy, with calcification of the basal ganglia and chronic cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) lymphocytosis, as recently described by Aicardi and Goutieres. The encephalopathy appears during the first year of life with bilateral spasticity, continuing microcephaly, abnormal eye movements,(More)
The authors report a case of a 15-month-old infant who presented a left hemiballismus associated with left Marcus-Gunn pupil, and retrobulbar optic neuritis, which disappeared spontaneously in 7 days. Six weeks later, the infant experienced a mild paraparesis with a palsy of the left sixth cranial nerve, which disappeared following steroid therapy. Evoked(More)