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Black-hole entropy from complex Ashtekar variables
In loop quantum gravity, the number of microstates of a black hole for a given discrete geometry Γ depends on the so-called Barbero-Immirzi parameter γ. Using a suitable analytic continuation of γ to
A new vacuum for loop quantum gravity
We construct a new vacuum and representation for loop quantum gravity. Because the new vacuum is based on BF theory, it is physical for (2+1)-dimensional gravity, and much closer to the spirit of
Flux formulation of loop quantum gravity: Classical framework
We recently introduced a new representation for loop quantum gravity, which is based on the BF vacuum and is in this sense much nearer to the spirit of spin foam dynamics. In the present paper we lay
A new realization of quantum geometry
We construct in this article a new realization of quantum geometry, which is obtained by quantizing the recently-introduced flux formulation of loop quantum gravity. In this framework, the vacuum is
Symmetries of the black hole interior and singularity regularization
We reveal an $\mathfrak{iso}(2,1)$ Poincare algebra of conserved charges associated with the dynamics of the interior of black holes. The action of these Noether charges integrates to a symmetry of
Quantum gravity kinematics from extended TQFTs
We show how extended topological quantum field theories (TQFTs) can be used to obtain a kinematical setup for quantum gravity, i.e. a kinematical Hilbert space together with a representation of the
Continuous formulation of the loop quantum gravity phase space
In this paper, we study the discrete classical phase space of loop gravity, which is expressed in terms of the holonomy-flux variables, and show how it is related to the continuous phase space of
3d gravity in Bondi-Weyl gauge: charges, corners, and integrability
Abstract We introduce a new gauge and solution space for three-dimensional gravity. As its name Bondi-Weyl suggests, it leads to non-trivial Weyl charges, and uses Bondi-like coordinates to allow
Spin Foams and Canonical Quantization
This review is devoted to the analysis of the mutual consistency of the spin foam and canonical loop quantizations in three and four spacetime dimensions. In the three-dimensional context, where the