Marc García-Arnau

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Spiking neural P system is a computing device recently introduced as a bridge between spiking neural nets and membrane computing. In this paper we focus on normal forms of these systems while preserving their computational power. We show that certain combinations of existing normal forms are possible without loss of computational power, thus answering(More)
We present a P system with replicated rewriting to solve the Maximum Clique Problem for a graph. Strings representing cliques are built gradually. This involves the use of inhibitors that control the space of all generated solutions to the problem. Calculating the maximum clique for a graph is a highly relevant issue not only on purely computational(More)
Since their first publication in 2006, spiking neural (SN) P systems have already attracted the attention of a lot of researchers. This might be owing to the fact that this abstract computing device follows basic principles known from spiking neural nets, but its implementation is discrete, using membrane computing background. Among the elementary(More)
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