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We studied the bioavailability and the plasma transport of flavonols in rats fed quercetin or rutin diets. Wistar rats were fed one of the following purified diets for 10 d: control; 16.4 or 8.2 mmol rutin/kg diet; or 16.4, 8.2 or 4.1 mmol quercetin/kg diet. Flavonol concentrations were determined in plasma, ileal and cecal contents, and feces. In rats fed(More)
The effects of partially hydrolyzed, nonviscous, guar gum (PHGG) on cholesterol metabolism and digestive balance have been compared with those of native guar gum (GUAR) in rats adapted to 0.4% cholesterol diets. Both types of guar gum elicited acidic fermentations in the large intestine, but only GUAR effectively lowered plasma cholesterol (P < 0.001),(More)
A viscous hydrocolloid (guar gum, GG; 2.5% of the diet) or a steroid sequestrant (cholestyramine; 0.5% of the diet) was included in semipurified diets containing 0.2% cholesterol to compare the cholesterol-lowering effects of each agent in rats. In the present model, GG significantly lowered plasma cholesterol (-25%), especially in the density < 1.040 kg/L(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of dietary propionic acid and bile acid excretion on the hypocholesterolemic effect of fibers. For this purpose, rats were adapted to a diet containing 10 g inulin, 10 g beta-cyclodextrin, or 2.5 g calcium propionate per 100 g diet. Both the inulin and beta-cyclodextrin diets elicited high propionic acid(More)
beta-Cyclodextrin (beta-CD) is a bile acid and sterol sequestrant produced by enzymatic modification of starch; this product has the potential to decrease plasma cholesterol. In contrast to the sequestrants having resin- or saponin-like properties, beta-CD is rapidly broken down by the large intestine microflora. beta-CD effects on cecal fermentations and(More)
Online perceived risk is an important issue in e-commerce. As China has a large Internet shopper population and online consumer spending continues to increase, better understanding Chinese online shoppers' perceived risk and risk reduction strategies becomes particularly relevant. However, research in the Chinese context is limited. Given this reality, the(More)
The purpose of this work was to assess the respective role of bile acid excretion and of the end-products of cecal fermentations in the cholesterol-lowering effect of complex carbohydrates. The effects of two different fermentable carbohydrates (guar gum, beta-cyclodextrin), and sequestrant resin (cholestyramine) have been investigated in male Wistar rats.(More)
This article studies the creation process in global virtual teams (GVTs). It determines factors that may increase or reduce their creativity.Acase study covering the 25 GVTs belonging to the Intercultural Virtual Project revealed seven stages in their creation process The creation process is illustrated as successive interactions between the teams'(More)