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Online perceived risk is an important issue in e-commerce. As China has a large Internet shopper population and online consumer spending continues to increase, better understanding Chinese online shoppers' perceived risk and risk reduction strategies becomes particularly relevant. However, research in the Chinese context is limited. Given this reality, the(More)
This article studies the creation process in global virtual teams (GVTs). It determines factors that may increase or reduce their creativity.Acase study covering the 25 GVTs belonging to the Intercultural Virtual Project revealed seven stages in their creation process The creation process is illustrated as successive interactions between the teams'(More)
Wireless Field Force Automation (WFFA) is a wireless solution designed to support field staff such as service personnel, repair or installation employees, technical teams, or medical workers. Certain companies try to provide their field workers with this sort of solution to improve their productivity, their effectiveness and to reduce administrative costs,(More)