Marc F. Witteman

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We introduce a new correlation power attack on RSA's modular exponentiation implementations, defeating both message blinding and multiply-always countermeasures. We analyze the correlation between power measurements of two consecutive modular operations, and use this to e ciently recover individual key bits. Based upon simulation and practical application(More)
In this paper we detail the latest developments regarding optical fault injection on secure micro controllers. On these targets, a combination of countermeasures makes fault injection less than trivial. We develop fault injection methods to show experimentally that protected smart cards are still vulnerable. We perform power signal guided fault injection,(More)
To prevent smart card attacks using Differential Power Analysis (DPA), manufacturers commonly implement DPA countermeasures that create misalignment in power trace sets and decrease the effectiveness of DPA. We design and investigate the elastic alignment algorithm for non-linearly warping trace sets in order to align them. Elastic alignment uses FastDTW,(More)
Differential Power Analysis (DPA) attacks extract secret key information from cryptographic devices by comparing power consumption with predicted values based on key candidates and looking for peaks which indicate a correct prediction. A general obstacle in the use of DPA is the occurrence of so called ghost peaks, which may appear when evaluating incorrect(More)
Power analysis on smart cards is widely used to obtain information about implemented cryptographic algorithms. We propose similar methodology for Java Card applets reverse engineering. Because power analysis alone does not provide enough information, we refine our methodology by involving additional information sources. Issues like distinguishing between(More)
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