Marc Espelt Palau

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We believe that any MANET middleware should be aware of the underlying multi-hop routing protocol to improve communication efficiency. In general, existing MANET middleware either ignore the underlying routing protocol or create specific cross-layer solutions that break the strict layering of the network stack. This problem is even more severe in the case(More)
In this paper we present the concept of community downloads as a mechanism to improve the overall performance of BitTorrent clients. A community is a group of nodes interested in the same content working cooperatively inside a swarm. To reinforce this cooperation among community nodes, we designed two new algorithms: Group Rarest-First (piece selection) and(More)
In this paper we present an open namespace for web resources under the URI scheme to://. It is a web indirection service that converts URLs-to-URLs (i.e. to:// -> http://) and introduces the novel concept of Web Top Level Domains (wTLDs). Every wTLD like to://hypertext refers to an URL like and it is possible to resolve subdomains(More)
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