Marc Eisenstadt

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ming and debugging [1, 2, 5, 8–12], while important in their own right, have generally overlooked the potential benefit of self-reports by programmers that reflect the phenomenology of debugging, that is, what it's really like out there from the program-mer's perspective. However, two exceptions to this observation are the detailed account by Knuth of using(More)
The collection of facilities mentioned above allows the user, whether novice or expert, to be told a detailed story about the history of program execution. Since the first-pass trace always begins with the CGV, all the perspective information associated with the CGV is available, allowing the user clearly to understand the context of the code which is being(More)
In this paper we discuss the conceptual framework and principles that guide our work in the design of large-scale informal environments for collaborative work, learning and play, aiming to foster social bonds and to provide an exciting testbed for emergent social behaviours. We present three different applications we have developed: Buddyspace, an Instant(More)
The CoAKTinG project aims to advance the state of the art in collaborative mediated spaces for the Semantic Grid. This paper presents an overview of the hypertext and knowledge based tools which have been deployed to augment existing collaborative environments, and the ontology which is used to exchange structure, promote enhanced process tracking, and aid(More)
The long-term future of Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) for the teaching of programming is severely hampered by weaknesses which prevent ITSs from scaling up to cater for either a wide audience or a broad curriculum. The weaknesses include an emphasis on toy examples, the use of instruction-based (as opposed to guided discovery-based) teaching, a lack(More)
Grid infrastructures coupled with semantic web linkage and reasoning open up intriguing new possibilities for scientific collaboration. In this short paper, we outline the research agenda and collaboration technologies under development within the CoAKTinG project: Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid. CoAKTinG will provide tools to(More)
A worldwide trawl for debugging anecdotes elicited replies from 78 respondents, including a number of implementors of well-known commercial software. The stories included descriptions of bugs, bug-fixing strategies, discourses on the philosophy of programming, and several highly amusing and informative reminiscences. Experiences included using a steel ruler(More)