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Natural evolutionary systems exhibit a complex mapping from genotype to phenotype. One property of these mappings is neutrality, where many mutations do not have an appreciable ffect on the phenotype. In this case the mapping from genotype to phenotype contains redundancy such that aphenotype is represented by many genotypes. Studies of RNA and protein(More)
The natural immune system is very e ective at protecting the body from diseases. Several researchers have analyzed the natural system and created arti cial systems which copy mechanisms of the natural system in order to improve computer security. We suggest that the negative selection algorithm, which is at work in the natural system, might have been copied(More)
Light, which is reflected from an object, varies with the type of illuminant used. Nevertheless, the color of an object appears to be approximately constant to a human observer. The ability to compute color constant descriptors from reflected light, is called color constancy. In order to solve the problem of color constancy, some assumptions have to be(More)
As participants in this Dagstuhl session address the challenge of General Video Game Playing (GVGP), we have recognised the need to create a Video Game Description Language (VGDL). Unlike General Game Playing, we have envisioned GVGP will not require a prescribed language to facilitate understanding of the logic of the game: requiring the computational(More)
Genetic programming makes it possible to automatically search the space of possible programs. First we evolved a behavior-based control architecture using computer simulations. Then we replicated one of the experiments with a service robot, showing that Koza's classic experiment of evolving a control architecture can be transfered to the real world with a(More)