Marc Dubois

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We report on the first demonstration of ZGP OPO based on Rotated Image Singly-Resonant Twisted RectAngle (RISTRA) cavity. For the OPO signal wave we achieved a near diffraction-limited beam at 3.4 mum with pulse energy of 10 mJ at repetition rate up to 500 Hz. As a pump source for the ZGP OPO, we utilized a 2-mum, TEM00, Ho:YLF MOPA system producing > 55 mJ(More)
A three-dimensional optical data storage system that combines a new recording material with a microholographic data format in which data are stored as single-bit microholograms is presented. This format offers less sensitivity to environmental conditions than the page-based holographic approach in addition to an increased compatibility with current storage(More)
Laser-ultrasound resonance spectroscopy, a non-contact ultrasonic technique, was used to determine reliably and rapidly the crystallographic texture, the average plastic strain ratio, and the thickness of sheet metal on the production line. As with laser-ultrasonics, a short laser pulse is used to generate a wide-band pulse of ultrasound and a laser(More)
Laser ultrasound is a technique used for the ultrasonic inspection of composites during manufacturing of advanced jet fighters. With this technique laser interferometry is used to detect ultrasonic displacements generated by a laser. In theory, the signal-to-noise ratio is proportional to the square root of the collected detection light. In practice, laser(More)
Fluorination processes of polymer surfaces are able to lead to drastic modifications of the surface properties without changing the bulk characteristics of the virgin material. In this paper, two types of polymers, i.e. ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE), are considered. The surface of these materials have(More)
Laser ultrasound is now integrated into the manufacturing process of some of the most modern aircraft for the inspection of composite parts. Unfortunately, for some material and process combinations, laser-ultrasound suffers from a lack of sensitivity. In laser-ultrasound generation, optical penetration depth plays a very important role. It was shown that(More)
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