Marc Driessens

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Eleven patients with limited joint mobility and neuropathy were enrolled in a physical therapy program of passive joint mobilization at a rate of two sessions per week. Treatment resulted in a significant improvement in joint mobility after 10 sessions. Further improvement after 20 sessions did not reach the level of statistical significance, although(More)
Mesotherapy is a method of treatment in which subcutaneous infiltrations are given loco dolenti at short intervals of time. In this way a mixture of readily available drugs is administered. There are many indications for mesotherapy, although most applications are found in the field of the osteo-articular affections. As yet there is no scientific(More)
In the literature there is no unanimity with respect to the diagnosis of reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). Frequently, the diagnosis is established on mere clinical grounds. In our opinion, however, bone scintigraphy is of major importance for the diagnosis. Using this examination, true RSD can be clearly differentiated from other conditions which are(More)
The authors suggest some criteria by which pseudodystrophy and reflex sympathetic dystrophy, although sharing some similar clinical features, can be distinguished as two different conditions, each requiring its own approach and management. The most important distinction is found on bone scintigraphy. In reflex sympathetic dystrophy the bone scan shows a(More)
Experiments were performed to assess the responsiveness of vessels subserving bone tissue to nerve stimulation and to exogenously administered catecholamines and acetylcholine. Tibias of mongrel dogs were isolated and dissected free; the periosteum was left intact. The main nutrient artery was prepared and cannulated. Ring electrodes were placed around the(More)
The files of 64 patients (70 tennis elbows) treated in our department because of tennis elbow complaints, were reviewed. The results showed injection with a corticosteroid preparation to be effective in alleviating the pain in the short term (91% improvement within 1 week), but the incidence of recurrence of symptoms to be high (51%) after an average period(More)
Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism is a well known entity in highly trained female athletes. In male sportsmen, resting testosterone levels may be lowered especially in well endurance trained athletes and during high intensity training periods, frequently in combination with excessive weight reduction. However, only few reports illustrate a clinical pathology(More)
Experiments were designed to determine whether or not calcitonin, parathormone, and glucocorticoids have direct effects on the vascular smooth muscle cells of bone blood vessels. Tibias of mongrel dogs were isolated. The arteria nutriens was cannulated and perfused at constant flow with aerated Krebs-Ringer solution (37 degrees C). The perfusion pressure(More)
Evaluation of the local haemodynamic changes was performed in 93 patients with untreated reflex sympathetic dystrophy, based upon a simple dynamic vascular examination technique, using 99Tcm-HSA. According to the disease stage, opposite observations were made: in stage I (n = 72) an increase in both blood flow and blood volume was found, in stage II (n =(More)