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Static models of braided pneumatic muscles (BPMs) reported in the research literature fairly accurately predict the muscle-force-carrying capacity. These models, however, rely on experimentally determined parameters that are valid only for the specific muscle configuration under consideration. This paper presents a fully analytical BPM static model that(More)
Research in the field of human mobility assistive devices, aiming to reduce the metabolic cost of daily activities, is seeing the benefits of the exclusive use of passive actuators to store and release energy during the gait cycle. Current devices commonly employ either mechanical springs or Pneumatic Artificial Muscles as the primary method of passive(More)
Purpose. Injecting triamcinolone acetonide (TA) into a keloid is physically challenging due to the density of keloids. The purpose was to investigate the effects of various syringe and needle combinations on the injection force to determine the most ergonomic combination. Materials and Methods. A load cell was used to generate and measure the injection(More)
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