Marc Diraison

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PURPOSE To assess the impact of highly active antiretroviral therapy on the epidemiology of cytomegalovirus retinitis in patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). METHODS In a study performed in a single center for infectious diseases, we compared the data collected in 1995 (without highly active antiretroviral therapy) with 1997 data(More)
The characterisation of fluid flow in fractured media is complex due to the fact that the access to the reservoirs is restricted to the boreholes, and the resolution of geophysical methods decreases with depth. In addition, the structures in a sedimentary cover of a granite mass targeted for geothermal exploitation reflect only a partial amount of the(More)
PURPOSE To study the characteristics of uveitis occurring during intravenous cidofovir treatment for CMV retinitis in patients with AIDS. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively studied ten cases (16 eyes) of uveitis in patients with CMV retinitis treated with intravenous cidofovir. All the patients had ophthalmologic examinations and, if required, fundus(More)
PURPOSE To assess the efficacy and tolerability of high-dose (2000microg) intravitreous ganciclovir in the maintenance therapy of CMV retinitis in AIDS patients. MATERIAL and methods: Prospective open study in a single center. The maintenance therapy of CMV retinitis consisted of a single high-dose (2000microg) intravitreous injection per week. The(More)
Description of a case of malignant melanoma of iris and ciliary body in a man of 59 years old. Clinically an interesting sign was the mahogany discolouration of the greyish cataract in the quadrant in front of the tumour. The tumour was removed following the technic of H.-S. STALLARD. Eighteen months later an E.C.C.E. was performed and a "Meur" model of(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the evolution of the epidemiology of retinal opportunistic infections in HIV-infected patients from 1994 to 1997 and to assess the effect of HAART initiated in 1996. MATERIALS AND METHODS Epidemiological prospective study using the data collected during ocular examinations of HIV-infected patients conducted in a single referral center(More)
Joachim Place,1,∗ Judith Sausse,2 Jean-Michel Marthelot,1 Marc Diraison,1 Yves Géraud1 and Charles Naville3 1Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg, IPGS – UMR 7516, Université de Strasbourg/EOST, CNRS, 1 rue Blessig, 67084 Strasbourg cedex, France. E-mail: 2Département Géosciences, UMR CNRS 7566 G2R Géologie et Gestion des(More)
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