Marc Deconchat

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Recent studies have highlighted the key role of tree microhabitats in forest habitat complexity and have suggested using them as surrogates for local taxonomic biodiversity. However, few practical guidelines have been published to help foresters in managing microhabitats at the stand scale. This paper provides scientific background information to help to(More)
Edge effects on ground beetles at the woodlot-field interface are short-range and asymmetrical. OATAO is an open access repository that collects the work of Toulouse researchers and makes it freely available over the web where possible. Abstract 1 Boundaries between woodlots and agricultural habitats are numerous in temperate agricultural landscapes and(More)
Untangling the relative influences of environmental filtering and biotic interactions on species coexistence at various spatial scales is a long-held issue in community ecology. Separating these processes is especially important to understand the influences of introduced exotic species on the composition of native communities. For this aim, we investigated(More)
The impact of invasive herbivore species may be lower in more diverse plant communities due to mechanisms of associational resistance. According to the "resource concentration hypothesis" the amount and accessibility of host plants is reduced in diverse plant communities, thus limiting the exploitation of resources by consumers. In addition, the "natural(More)
Forest pest damage is expected to increase with global change. Tree diversity could mitigate this impact, but unambiguous demonstration of the diversity-resistance relationship is lacking in semi-natural mature forests. We used a network of 208 forest plots sampled along two orthogonal gradients of increasing tree species richness and latitudes to assess(More)
A major conservation challenge in mosaic landscapes is to understand how trait-specific responses to habitat edges affect bird communities, including potential cascading effects on bird functions providing ecosystem services to forests, such as pest control. Here, we examined how bird species richness, abundance and community composition varied from(More)
Understanding the variability of vegetation distribution and its determinants is a central issue for addressing the effects of edges on ecological processes. Recent studies have revealed inconsistencies in the patterns of responses to edge effects that raise important questions about their determinants. We investigated the edge effect response patterns by(More)
European forest managers are implementing set-aside measures in managed forests to restore key structures for forest biodiversity such as tree-related microhabitats (TreMs). However, the time required to regenerate these structures is little known. We assessed the patterns of thirteen TreM types on 282 plots in 24 lowland forests in southwestern France. We(More)