Marc Dammann

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Problems related to the central nervous system have a major impact on survival and quality of life. The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate the incidence of neurological complications after liver transplantation (LT), including both cadaveric and living donor liver transplantation. Between April 2001 and March 2004 174 patients (120 cadaveric(More)
Liver transplantation is the only curative treatment in patients with end-stage liver disease. Neurological complications (NC) are increasingly reported to occur in patients after cadaveric liver transplantation. This retrospective cohort study aims to evaluate the incidence and causes of NC in living donor liver transplant (LDLT) patients in our transplant(More)
BACKGROUND Because the aquaporin (AQP) 5 promoter -1364A/C polymorphism is associated with altered AQP5 expression, this association could have an impact on key mechanisms in sepsis, such as cell migration, activity of the rennin-angiotensin- aldosterone system (RAAS), and water transport across biologic membranes. Therefore, we tested the hypothesis that(More)
Genomic and personalized medicine have become buzz phrases that pervade all fields of medicine. Rapid advances in "-omics" fields of research (chief of which are genomics, proteinomics, and epigenomics) over the last few years have allowed us to dissect the molecular signatures and functional pathways that underlie disease initiation and progression and to(More)
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