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While individual data stores are increasingly large, the aggregate size of the Internet dwarfs them all and always will. We consider an approach to searching rich documents across a very large network of individual data stores using a transparent peer-to-peer proxy. This approach is dependent on the use of a standardised search-and-retrieve protocol(More)
1 2 Acknowledgements I would like to express my gratitude to my academic advisor Professor Niels Kjjlstad Poulsen for his enthusiastic support during the project. Our numerous discussions have broadened my view on control theory, and his good sense of humour has been an invaluable help in getting me through times of trouble. I also wish to thank students(More)
The focused crawler in ALVIS is based on the Combine system, which is an open source system for crawling Internet resources. This deliverable is the software package, the text here describes the software, packaging and distribution of the focused crawler. It provides instructions for how to download, install, test and use the Combine system for focused(More)
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