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Arterial stenosis occurring after balloon catheter embolectomy may be caused by myointimal hyperplasia (MIH). This study investigated the effects of shear force and repeated catheter withdrawals on the development of MIH after embolectomy. The procedures were performed in the common carotid and common femoral arteries of 18 anesthetized dogs. During(More)
This study compared four brands of balloon embolectomy catheters with respect to their mechanical characteristics and the histologic responses they elicit. Seventy-two 4F Becton-Dickinson, Edwards, Electro-Catheter, and Shiley catheters were studied. In vitro studies of penetration forces demonstrated that the forces required for arterial puncture were(More)
A new acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment system uses pulsed, fluidized beds of limestone, and carbon dioxide pretreatment of influent AMD, to enhance limestone neutralization of AMD. We conducted laboratory studies to evaluate the behavior and physiology of larval stoneflies (Pteronarcys proteus, Plecoptera) exposed to effluents produced by the treatment(More)
A nonparametric model of smooth muscle tension response to electrical stimulation was estimated using the Laguerre expansion technique of nonlinear system kernel estimation. The experimental data consisted of force responses of smooth muscle to energy-matched alternating single pulse and burst current stimuli. The burst stimuli led to at least a 10-fold(More)
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