Marc C. T. F. M. de Krom

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Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common disorder, for which various conservative treatment options are available. The objective of this study is to determine the efficacy of the various conservative treatment options for relieving the symptoms of CTS. Computer-aided searches of MEDLINE (1/1966 to 3/2000), EMBASE (1/1988 to 2/2000) and the Cochrane(More)
We conducted a systematic review of the literature from 1965–1994 to assess the value of history and physical examination in the diagnosis of sciatica due to disc herniation; we also included population characteristics and features of the study design affecting diagnostic value. Studies on the diagnostic value of history and physical examination in the(More)
Gender-related differences for disorders of consciousness other than true epilepsy usually point to a larger number of women suffering especially from non-epileptic attacks or pseudoseizures. Recently, sexual abuse has been suggested as a possible cause for this increased prevalence in women. It has, however, not been very clear if women have a different(More)
The natural course of sciatica due to disc herniation is generally favourable but individually unpredictable. Some patients recover only after prolonged conservative therapy or surgery. This study aims to ascertain whether magnetic resonance (MR) imaging features can be used to predict outcome of sciatica and help to identify patients unlikely to respond to(More)
A 75-year-old widow was admitted after she had bruised her left eyebrow. The graze was treated. X-ray of the skull and cervical spine were normal, and she was discharged home. Three days later, she was readmitted with fever (39.6°C) and apathy. On examination, a Glasgow coma scale of E3-M6-V4 and a left-sided hematoma were noted. Examination of the(More)
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