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Tone perception in Northern and Southern Vietnamese
We show that Northern and Southern Vietnamese tones in isolation are identified by listeners through a small set of acoustic properties, which suggests that listeners establish economical patterns of perceptual contrast. Expand
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Dialect experience and perceptual integrality in phonological registers: fundamental frequency, voice quality and the first formant in Cham.
  • Marc Brunelle
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 12 April 2012
The perceptual integrality of f0, F1 and voice quality is investigated by looking at register, a phonological contrast that relies on these three properties in three dialects of Cham, an AustronesianExpand
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Tone and Phonation in Southeast Asian Languages
Southeast Asia is often considered a quintessential Sprachbund where languages from five different language phyla have been converging typologically for millennia. Expand
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Tone Perception in Sgaw Karen
Sgaw Karen has a complex tone system based on voice quality, f0 and duration. Expand
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The role of larynx height in the Javanese tense ~ lax stop contrast
Javanese has a phonemic contrast between two series of stops. Tense stops are modern reflexes of Proto-Austronesian voiceless stops while lax stops correspond to former voiced stops. This complexExpand
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Phonologically-constrained change: The role of the foot in monosyllabization and rhythmic shifts in Mainland Southeast Asia
Changes in word shapes in Mainland Southeast Asia are usually attributed to contact-induced typological convergence. However, little attention has been paid to the role of structural constraints inExpand
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A Laryngographic and Laryngoscopic Study of Northern Vietnamese Tones
We show that the f0 contours of Northern Vietnamese tones are not only attributable to changes in vocal fold length and tension, but that f0 drops are also largely caused by the glottal configurations responsible for the contrastive voice qualities associated with some of the tones. Expand
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Effects of lexical frequency and lexical category on the duration of Vietnamese syllables
We use durational data to shed light on the status of some ambiguous lexical categories such as kinship terms and positional nouns and to gather additional evidence on the behaviour of some verbs that have grammaticalized homophones. Expand
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