Marc Brogle

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In this paper we propose energy efficient design and operation of infrastructures incorporating integrated optical network and IT resources. For the first time we quantify significant energy savings of a complete solution jointly optimizing the allocation and provisioning of both network and IT resources. Our approach involves virtualization of the(More)
GEYSERS aims at defining an end-to-end network architecture that offers a novel planning, provisioning and operational framework for optical network and IT infrastructure providers and operators. In this framework, physical infrastructure resources (network and IT) are dynamically partitioned to virtual resources and then composed into a Virtual(More)
Over the years, the Internet has become a central tool for society. The extent of its growth and usage raises critical issues associated with its design principles that need to be addressed before it reaches its limits. Many emerging applications have increasing requirements in terms of bandwidth, QoS and manageability. Moreover, applications such as Cloud(More)
In this paper we present a concept for providing QoS to multicast in structured P2P networks. We show on the example of Scribe / Pastry how to enforce QoS aware tree construction in a structured P2P network. We achieve this by modifying the ID assignment method of Pastry based on the QoS requirements of peers. As a result, the multicast tree holds the QoS(More)
In this paper we present our solution for providing IP Multicast on end systems in the Internet. The goal of the proposed solution is not to replace IP Multicast, but to provide an IP Multicast interface to applications on end systems in the current Internet environment, where IP Multicast is not available. Our solution, called Multicast Middleware, is a(More)
Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions' accumulation in the atmosphere is constantly increasing; since transport sector contributes significantly in rising emissions, substantial action has to be taken, with the support of ICT. Eco-efficient feedback devices, based on smart phone technologies, are becoming more prominent to support and influence drivers to(More)
The European Integrated Project GEYSERS - Generalised Architecture for Dynamic Infrastructure Services - is concentrating on infrastructures incorporating integrated optical network and IT resources in support of the Future Internet with special emphasis on cloud computing. More specifically GEYSERS proposes the concept of Virtual Infrastructures over one(More)
We have developed the Multicast Middleware, a bridge between IP Multicast and a self-organizing Overlay Multicast infrastructure, in order to make IP Multicast available to the end user. We compare the performance of native IP Multicast and IP Multicast tunneled through a P2P Overlay Multicast network using the Multicast Middleware. We show that the(More)
Multicasting in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is an efficient way to disseminate the same data to multiple receivers. For critical tasks such as code updates, reliability would be a desirable feature, in order to use multicasting for such scenarios. Due to the nature of WSNs, several problems exist that make realizing an efficient, reliable and energy(More)