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The risks, real and supposed, of the use of radiation in medical practice as perceived by patients, their families, and the general public have a substantial impact on medical practice. Attempts to quantify low-level radiation effects involve much conjecture and supposition. This causes considerable uncertainty in results. Conflicting perceptions follow(More)
UNLABELLED Student learning in the clinical environment is a cornerstone of pedagogy for students undertaking a Bachelor of Nursing in Australia. METHOD This paper presents the results of a survey that was conducted with registered nurses who preceptor students for universities in Australia. FINDINGS Findings reveal that some preceptors do not hold the(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The aim of this paper is to examine the use of mental health triage scales in Australian emergency departments (EDs) and to explore the use of the Australasian Triage Scale (ATS) with existing mental health triage scales. BACKGROUND Since the introduction of mainstreaming and deinstitutionalisation in Australian mental health care, the(More)
The collection of perinatal data within Queensland, Australia, has traditionally been achieved via a paper form completed by midwives after each birth. Recently, with an increase in the use of e-health systems in healthcare, perinatal data collection has migrated to an online system. It is suggested that this move from paper to an ehealth platform has(More)
In Australian emergency departments, the triage of people with physical illness and injury is well developed and supported by the Australasian Triage Scale. The Australasian Triage Scale contains brief descriptors of mental illness and it is unknown if these provide the same reliability in triage decision-making for emergency triage nurses assessing people(More)
UNLABELLED Abstract Background: Nursing identity is an important element of being a nurse. Student nurses begin the construction of their nursing identity during their clinical placements. AIM The aim of this research was to examine how the student nurses of a regional Australian university construct their identity when on off-campus clinical placement.(More)
An ageing Australian population coupled with declining nursing numbers is predicted to have a significant impact on the Australian Healthcare industry, with numbers of nurses expected to be in greater demand at a time when the need for nursing care is on the rise. The report released recently by Health Workforce Australia predicted a potential shortage of(More)
BACKGROUND Person-centred care is a policy priority for health services seeking to assure the public they provide safe, high-quality care, in keeping with rising consumer expectations. However, study of person-centred care rarely includes acute-care patients' perspectives. METHODOLOGY In 2013, semi-structured interviews were held with 10 former patients(More)
BACKGROUND The practice environment of the emergency department (ED) refers to both the people and physical factors (architecture) in the environment in which health care is provided. ED triage practice environments are the very places where caring or the delivery of health care often begins. This paper examines the implications of the emergency department(More)