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Using the full-text corpus of more than 75,000 research articles published by seven PLOS journals, this paper proposes a natural language processing approach for identifying the function of citations. Citation contexts are assigned based on the frequency of n-gram co-occurrences located near the citations. Results show that the most frequent linguistic(More)
Scientific evaluation is based for the most part on citation analysis. However, citation is a phenomenon that is not yet well studied. The use of the Contextual Exploration technique that allows the automatic semantic annotation of the relations between authors, gives some of the answers. New bibliosemantic indicators can be considered in order to provide a(More)
In this paper we focus of the clustering of citation contexts in scientific papers. We use two methods, k-means and hierarchical clustering to better understand the phenomenon and types of citations and to explore the multidimensional nature of the elements composing the contexts of citations in different sections of the papers. We have analyzed a data set(More)
In this paper we present a large-scale approach for the extraction of verbs in reference contexts. We analyze citation contexts in relation with the IMRaD structure of scientific articles and use rank correlation analysis to characterize the distances between the section types. The results show strong differences in the verb frequencies around citations(More)
The identification of the scientific production and the evaluation of the researchers is a problem we are facing at present times. Bibliometric methods use mainly statistical tools and their results are of quantitative nature. Consequently, this approach does not provide any tools of qualitative evaluation. It is for this reason we suggest to examine the(More)
In this paper we consider sentences that contain Multiple In-text References (MIR) and their position in the rhetorical structure of articles. We carry out the analysis of MIR in a large scale dataset of about 80,000 research articles published by the Public Library of Science in 7 journals. We analyze two major characteristics of MIR: their positions in(More)
The latest advances in research in the field of bibliometrics take into consideration in-text references. The purpose of this paper is to focus on citation contexts that express negational citations and which are relatively rare in articles. Our goal is to automate the extraction of negational citation contexts and to put them in relation to positions in(More)