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We consider the problem of allocating a number of exploration tasks to a team of mobile robots. Each task consists of a target location that needs to be visited by a robot. The objective of the allocation is to minimize the total cost, that is, the sum of the travel costs of all robots for visiting all targets. We show that finding an optimal allocation is(More)
— We study how to coordinate a team of mobile robots to visit a number of given targets in partially unknown terrain. Robotics researchers have studied single-item auctions (where robots bid on single targets) to perform this exploration task but these do not take synergies between the targets into account. We therefore design combinatorial auctions (where(More)
We describe our entry in the AAAI 2002 Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) competition, a marsupial team consisting of a larger wheeled robot and several small legged robots, carried around by the larger robot. This setup exploits compli-mentary strengths of each robot type in a challenging domain. We describe both the hardware and software architecture, and the(More)
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