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Landscape dynamics increasingly challenge agronomists to explain how and why agricultural landscapes are designed and managed by farmers. Nevertheless, agronomy is rarely included in the wide range of disciplines involved in landscape research. In this paper, we describe how landscape agronomy can help explain the relationship between farming systems and(More)
In agricultural landscapes, methods to identify and describe meaningful landscape patterns play an important role to understand the interaction between landscape organization and ecological processes. We propose an innovative stochastic modelling method of agricultural landscape organization where the temporal regularities in land-use are first identified(More)
Landscape spatial organization (LSO) strongly impacts many environmental issues. Modelling agricultural landscapes and describing meaningful landscape patterns are thus regarded as key-issues for designing sustainable landscapes. Agricultural landscapes are mostly designed by farmers. Their decisions dealing with crop choices and crop allocation to land can(More)
Ovine meat production in France, which is continually regressing due to economic difficulties, is based on two main production systems. The first system is located in plains in which one part of the lambs born in the spring are fed grass, and the other part of the lambs are from out of the season parturitions following hormonal treatments and are fattened(More)
La capacité deTrichogramma evanescens Westw. de choisir et d'exploiter es œufs et pontes d'Ostrinia nubilalis Hb et d'Ephestia kuehniella Z. au cours du développement embryonnaire de ces hôtes a été examinée. Un choix marqué vis-à-vis des pontes d'Ostrinia âgées de 1 à 4 jours est démontré tant par la distribution des femelles sur les œufs que par le nombre(More)
This paper presents a prototype of case-based reasoning, built for the agricultural domain. Its aim is to forecast the allocation of a new energy crop, the miscanthus. Interviews were conducted with french farmers in order to know how they make their decisions. Based on interview analysis, a case base and a rule base have been formalized, together with(More)