Marc Baumgärtner

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The exosome is the major 3'-5' RNA-degradation complex in eukaryotes. The ubiquitous core of the yeast exosome (Exo-10) is formed by nine catalytically inert subunits (Exo-9) and a single active RNase, Rrp44. In the nucleus, the Exo-10 core recruits another nuclease, Rrp6. Here we crystallized an approximately 440-kilodalton complex of Saccharomyces(More)
The eukaryotic exosome is a conserved RNA-degrading complex that functions in RNA surveillance, turnover and processing. How the same machinery can either completely degrade or precisely trim RNA substrates has long remained unexplained. Here we report the crystal structures of a yeast nuclear exosome containing the 9-subunit core, the 3'-5' RNases Rrp44(More)
The Cmr complex is an RNA-guided endonuclease that cleaves foreign RNA targets as part of the CRISPR prokaryotic defense system. We investigated the molecular architecture of the P. furiosus Cmr complex using an integrative structural biology approach. We determined crystal structures of P. furiosus Cmr1, Cmr2, Cmr4, and Cmr6 and combined them with known(More)
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