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Direct gaze and interpersonal proximity are known to lead to changes in psycho-physiology, behavior and brain function. We know little, however, about subtler facial reactions such as rise and fall in temperature, which may be sensitive to contextual effects and functional in social interactions. Using thermal infrared imaging cameras 18 female adult(More)
Ventricular assist devices provide support for a failing heart and often serve as a bridge to transplantation. The use of these devices has also been associated with allosensitization to HLA antigens because of transfusion of blood products. Our program established a protocol mandating the use of leukoreduced, irradiated and ABO identical products,(More)
Sympathy crying is an odd and complex mixture of physiological and emotional phenomena. Standard psychophysiological theories of emotion cannot attribute crying to a single subdivision of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and disagreement exists regarding the emotional origin of sympathy crying. The current experiment examines sympathy crying using(More)
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