Marc B. Siegel

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Twenty-nine patients were admitted to Pennsylvania Hospital between March 1984 and July 1990 with a diagnosis of epistaxis and hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia. Data were obtained through a retrospective review of the charts of these patients. Patients were treated for epistaxis with the CO2 laser, neodymium:aluminum garnet laser with a wavelength of(More)
The left renal vein (LRV) has numerous tributaries including, but not limited to, the inferior phrenic, suprarenal, and gonadal veins. The resultant potential for collateral LRV outflow through these tributaries in instances of LRV division is obvious. One of us has previously reported 10 such cases of LRV division (close to its confluence with the inferior(More)
A case of Burkitt's lymphoma with renal failure due to massive infiltration of the kidney is reported. There was a striking initial response to chemotherapy with a parallel improvement in renal function and decrease in renal size. The rare occurrence of renal failure due to lymphomatous infiltration of the kidney parenchyma in the absence of urinary tract(More)
Renal phospholipid metabolism was studied after ischemia was induced by occlusion of the left renal artery in the rat. There was no change in the rate of cellular [14C]choline uptake after 25 or 60 minutes of ischemia. However, [14C]choline incorporation into phospholipid was two to three times greater in slices from the ischemic kidney than in slices from(More)
Ectodermal dysplasia is a rare group of diseases presenting special problems in management for the otolaryngologist, but the full spectrum of otorhinolaryngologic manifestations has been previously unrecognized in the otolaryngologic literature. The anhidrotic form, characterized by deficient sweating, sparse hair growth and deficient teeth, with associated(More)
Seventy-three patients were admitted to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Pa) between January 1979 and June 1989 with a diagnosis of mandibular fracture. Data were obtained through a retrospective review of these cases. The cases were divided into three age groups that reflected the developing structure of the mandible and the maturation of the(More)
The California tobacco control program known as Proposition 99 was established in 1989 using a portion of a twenty-five-cent increase in the cigarette tax. With an initial availability of more than $150 million, tobacco control was the state's single most important public health activity. Health and medical care programs also were supported by the tax.(More)
We used angiographic and microsphere methods to evaluate the anatomic and functional features of renal collateral circulation in the rat. By the microsphere method, renal parenchymal blood flow was less than 1% of control 1 hour after occlusion of the main renal artery; 2.8% of control 1-2 weeks after arterial occlusion; and 1% of control 4-9 weeks after(More)