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Processable aqueous dispersions of graphene nanosheets.
It is reported that chemically converted graphene sheets obtained from graphite can readily form stable aqueous colloids through electrostatic stabilization, making it possible to process graphene materials using low-cost solution processing techniques, opening up enormous opportunities to use this unique carbon nanostructure for many technological applications. Expand
Capillary zone electrophoresis of graphene oxide and chemically converted graphene.
The results indicate that almost complete exfoliation of graphite oxide (0.05 wt%) and higher recovery of CCG were obtained by sonication at 50% power for more than 15 h. Expand
Pcl/Peg Electrospun Fibers as Drug Carriers for the Controlled Delivery of Dipyridamole
Electrospinning is a versatile and diverse technology for the production of nano- and microfibers that can be used as a drug delivery system (DDS). The aim of this study was to create fibrousExpand
Novel blood protein based scaffolds for cardiovascular tissue engineering
Abstract A major challenge in cardiovascular tissue engineering is the fabrication of scaffolds, which provide appropriate morphological and mechanical properties while avoiding undesirable immuneExpand
Dynamic in vitro hemocompatibility testing – improving the signal to noise ratio
Assigning the hemocompatibility of small vascular implants is one of the great challenges in biomedical engineering. Due to the fact, that there are no widely approved test setups 1 , we decided toExpand
Automation of a test bench for accessing the bendability of electrospun vascular grafts
Abstract One of the greatest challenges in cardiovascular tissue engineering is to develop vascular grafts with properties similar to autologous vessels. A promising approach is the fabrication ofExpand
Optimization of the Electrode Processing Methodology for Resistance Spot Welding of Aluminium
Lightweight construction materials such as aluminium are being increasingly utilised in new vehicle concepts, with the objective of reducing the CO2 emissions by saving weight. At the same time, theExpand
Optimization of a test setup for examining blood damage caused by high shear forces
If blood pumps are applied in the human body or extracorporeal, blood damage can be caused by shear forces that act on the blood during the delivery. For an accelerated development of blood pumpsExpand