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PURPOSE (1) To identify work related stressors that are associated with psychiatric symptoms in a Swiss sample of policemen and (2) to develop a model for identifying officers at risk for developing mental health problems. METHOD The study design is cross sectional. A total of 354 male police officers answered a questionnaire assessing a wide spectrum of(More)
OBJECTIVES AND METHODS Self-report studies have shown an association between music performance anxiety (MPA) and hyperventilation complaints. However, hyperventilation was never assessed physiologically in MPA. This study investigated the self-reported affective experience, self-reported physiological symptoms, and cardiorespiratory variables including(More)
PURPOSE AND METHOD This questionnaire survey of 190 university music students assessed negative feelings of music performance anxiety (MPA) before performing, the experience of stage fright as a problem, and how closely they are associated with each other. The study further investigated whether the experience of stage fright as a problem and negative(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite the importance of respiration and hyperventilation in anxiety disorders, research on breathing disturbances associated with hyperventilation is rare in the field of music performance anxiety (MPA, also known as stage fright). The only comparable study in this area reported a positive correlation between negative feelings of MPA and(More)
BACKGROUND In the present article, we propose an alternative method for dealing with negative affectivity (NA) biases in research, while investigating the association between a deleterious psychosocial environment at work and poor mental health. First, we investigated how strong NA must be to cause an observed correlation between the independent and(More)
INTRODUCTION Back problems are a major occupational health issue for prehospital emergency care professionals. The goals of this article are to: 1) provide descriptive data about the prevalence and the severity of lower back and upper back disorders in EMTs and paramedics; 2) identify some individual and collective strategies used by EMTs and paramedics to(More)
BACKGROUND The goal of this paper is to investigate the respective influence of work characteristics, the effort-reward ratio, and overcommitment on the poor mental health of out-of-hospital care providers. METHODS 333 out-of-hospital care providers answered a questionnaire that included queries on mental health (GHQ-12), demographics, health-related(More)
Working conditions are important determinants of health. The aims of this article are to 1) identify working conditions and work characteristics that are associated with workers’ perceptions that their work is harmful to their health and 2) identify with what symptoms these working conditions are associated. We used the Swiss dataset from the 2005 edition(More)
High productivity demands in the manufacturing industry fosters the search for efficiency through the whole product life cycle. This trend and the increasing flexibility requirements in production, make effective co-operation a crucial issue. Group-ware designed for distributed co-operation, as well as videoconferencing technologies have the potential to(More)
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