Marc-Antoine Lacasse

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Providing contact sensing on the whole body of a robot is a key feature to increase the safety level of physical human-robot interaction. In this paper, a new robot skin capable of sensing multiple contact locations is presented. The motivation behind the proposed design is to produce a relatively inexpensive skin having the capability to provide the(More)
Providing robots with the capability of sensing their surrounding environment is an important feature that would lead to a more intuitive and safe physical human-robot interaction. This paper proposes a new design of homogeneous flexible and stretchable robot skin based on carbon-black-filled (CBF) silicone and conductive fabric that can sense multiple(More)
This paper presents a 7-DOF partially statically balanced robot that has been developed for physical human robot interaction. The gravity compensation technique uses remote counterweights connected to the robot via a low-pressure hydraulic transmission. Low-friction diaphragm cylinders are used in order to provide very low residual friction. A two-stage(More)
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