Marc-Andreas Muendler

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OVER THIRTY YEARS ago, in his presidential address to the American Economic Association, Milton Friedman asserted that in the long run the Phillips curve was vertical at a natural rate of unemployment that could be identified by the behavior of inflation. 1 Unemployment below the natural rate would generate accelerating inflation, and unemployment above it,(More)
Tracking individual workers across jobs after Brazil's trade liberalization in the 1990s shows that tariff cuts trigger worker displacements, but neither exporters nor comparative-advantage sectors absorb trade-displaced labor. On the contrary, exporters separate from significantly more and hire fewer workers than the average employer. Trade liberalization(More)
We examine three-dimensional panel data for Brazilian and Chilean exporters, their products and destinations. The data show that (i) the distribution of the exporters' number of goods (the exporter scope) is robust within destinations and approximately Pareto, (ii) exporter scope is positively associated with average sales per good within destinations but(More)
We examine multi-product exporters and use firm-product-destination data to quantify export entry barriers. Our general-equilibrium model of multi-product firms generalizes earlier models. To match main facts about multi-product exporters, we estimate our model with rich demand and access cost shocks for Brazilian firms. The estimates document that(More)
Using data on German and Swedish multinational enterprises (MNEs), this paper analyzes determinants of location choice and the degree of substitutability of labor across locations. Countries with highly skilled labor forces strongly attract German but not necessarily Swedish MNEs. In MNEs from either country , affiliate employment tends to substitute for(More)
Employment at a multinational enterprise (MNE) responds to wages at the extensive margin, when an MNE expands abroad, and at the intensive margin , when an MNE operates existing affiliates. We present an MNE model and conditions for parametric and nonparametric identification. Prior studies rarely found wages to affect MNE employment. We detect salient(More)
Comprehensive linked employer–employee data allow us to study the relationship between domestic formal sector migration in Brazil and globalization. Considerable worker flows in the formal labor market between 1997 and 2001 are directed toward lower income regions—the reverse flows of those often posited for informal labor markets. Estimation of the(More)