Marc-Andr'e Legault

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OBJECTIVE To compare the kangaroo and traditional methods of removing an infant from an incubator in terms of four physiologic parameters, mother's satisfaction, and mother's preference. DESIGN Time-series design (quasi-experimental), with infant-mother dyads subjected to both methods. SETTING Intermediate neonatal care unit in a tertiary hospital in(More)
This study compared two methods of holding preterm infants: 1) the kangaroo, or skin-to-skin method (K) and 2) the traditional method, or normal handling (T). Skin temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation were monitored during both the kangaroo and the traditional handling methods. After testing with the two methods, the mothers(More)
Learning tasks such as those involving genomic data often poses a serious challenge: the number of input features can be orders of magnitude larger than the number of training examples, making it difficult to avoid overfitting, even when using the known regularization techniques. We focus here on tasks in which the input is a description of the genetic(More)
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