Marc-André Ménard

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The notion of buffered resource is useful in many problems. A buffer contains a finite set of items required by some activities, and changing the content of the buffer is costly. For instance, in instruction scheduling, the registers are a buffered resource and any switch of registers has a significant impact on the total runtime of the compiled code. We(More)
Oxidative 1,2- and 1,3- alkyl shifts mediated by a hypervalent iodine reagent were performed on simple and inexpensive phenol derivatives. These transpositions enable rapid redesign of the main aromatic skeleton to generate good yields of highly functionalized scaffolds containing a prochiral dienone system, a quaternary carbon center connected to as many(More)
This paper describes the whole processing pipeline of our ultra wideband (UWB) 3GHz bandwidth multistatic radar system which produces a video-like radar image of the scene under surveillance. All the processing steps will be highlighted: digital signal processing, radar imaging by a combination of backprojection and trilateration, moving target segmentation(More)
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