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Automatic word length determination of hardware data paths may require considering several error models, user specifications and hardware costs. A new automatic method for determining the word length of hardware data paths that consider these requirements is proposed and analyzed. The search-based method uses a C/C++ fixed-point simulation tool to model the(More)
Four self-organizing neural networks are compared for automatic deinterleaving of radar pulse streams in electronic warfare systems. The neural networks are the Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory, Fuzzy Min-Max Clustering, Integrated Adaptive Fuzzy Clustering, and Self-Organizing Feature Mapping. Given the need for a clustering procedure that ooers both(More)
This paper presents a systematic method to validate implementations of video processing algorithms. This is useful when translating algorithms implementations from a floating-point to fixed-point precision. The method takes advantage of an automatic word length determination tool and an Objective Image Quality Metric (OIQM) to implement a performance driven(More)
This paper analyzes the performance differences found between software and hardware/sofware implementations of a reformulated Fuzzy ART neural network algorithm. This reformulated algorithm is a solution for a real time radar signal clustering problem. The software implementations run on a 50MHz TMS320C40 DSP, and the hardware/sofware implementation runs on(More)
Estimating the power consumption of System on Chip as early as possible in the design life cycle is important to meet the time to market requirements. For this purpose, most research is turning toward high-level models, like TLM, to estimate power earlier. This paper presents a high-level IP oriented power estimation methodology. The methodology separates(More)