Marc-André Cantin

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Automatic word length determination of hardware data paths may require considering several error models, user specifications and hardware costs. A new automatic method for determining the word length of hardware data paths that consider these requirements is proposed and analyzed. The search-based method uses a C/C++ fixed-point simulation tool to model the(More)
Four self-organizing neural networks are compared for automatic deinterleaving of radar pulse streams in electronic warfare systems. The neural networks are the Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory, Fuzzy Min-Max Clustering, Integrated Adaptive Fuzzy Clustering, and Self-Organizing Feature Mapping. Given the need for a clustering procedure that ooers both(More)
This paper analyzes the performance differences found between software and hardware/sofware implementations of a reformulated Fuzzy ART neural network algorithm. This reformulated algorithm is a solution for a real time radar signal clustering problem. The software implementations run on a 50MHz TMS320C40 DSP, and the hardware/sofware implementation runs on(More)
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