Marc A. Viredaz

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A systolic array of dedicated processing elements (PEs) is presented as the heart of a multi-model neural-network accelerator. The instruction set of the PEs allows the implementation of several widely-used neural models, including multi-layer Perceptrons with the backpropagation learning rule and Kohonen feature maps. Each PE holds an element of the(More)
Handheld devices are becoming ubiquitous and as their capabilities increase, they are starting to displace laptop computers - much as laptop computers have displaced desktop computers in many roles. Handheld devices are evolving from today's PDAs, organizers, cellular phones, and game machines into a variety of new forms. Although partially offset by(More)
Energy management has become one of the great challenges in portable computing. This is the result of the increasing energy requirements of modern portable devices without a corresponding increase in battery technology. <i>uSleep</i> is an energy reduction technique for handheld devices that is most effective when the handheld's processor is lightly loaded,(More)
<italic>K2 is a distributed-memory parallel processor designed to support a multi-user, multi-tasking, time-sharing operating system and an automatically parallelizing FORTRAN compiler. This paper presents the architecture and the hardware implementation of K2, and focuses on the architectural features required by the operating system and the compiler. A(More)
The h'2 project aims to develop a distributed memory parallel processor (DMPP) that exploits the bene-jits of this class of machines, but appears to the user — and can be programmed and debugged — much like a conventional uniprocessor. To this end, we have concentrated our eflorts on the development of an automatically parallelizing compiler and a multiuser(More)
A multi-model neural-network computer has been designed and built. A compute intensive application in the eld of power-system monitoring , using the Kohonen neural network , has then been ported onto this machine. After a short description of the system, this paper focusses on the programming paradigm adopted. The performance of the machine is also(More)
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