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OBJECTIVE To assess sources of delay in referral to a specialist Urology clinic for penile cancer. METHODS Patients with penile cancer seen during the period December 2002 to December 2007 were identified from the unit's database. Information regarding presentation, diagnosis and pattern of referral was retrieved from records. Delay was defined as the(More)
Torsion amongst the elderly population is rarely described. This case presents the oldest surgically confirmed case of testicular torsion, in a 67-year-old male, within the UK. Presenting to the emergency department with a 10-day history of left-sided testicular pain, initially treated with antibiotics. There was no pyrexia or urinary symptoms and negative(More)
A 66-year-old female patient was referred to drology department when a bladder mass was incidentally found on a transvaginal ultrasound scan. Cystoscopy revealed a small, smooth mass just above the trigone which appeared to be covered with normal urothelium. The histology from this growth after transurethral resection revealed a paraganglioma of the(More)
A 61-year-old man with recurrent rectal carcinoma was referred to the urology clinic with two penile lesions. These had negatively affected his quality of life and he underwent a radical circumcision and proximal glansectomy with reconstruction. This case report examines the clinical presentation and surgical treatment of rectal carcinoma metastasising to(More)
OBJECTIVES To review outcomes of the treatment of carcinoma in situ (CIS) of the penis at a large supra-regional penile cancer network, where centralisation has permitted greater experience with treatment outcomes, and suggest treatment strategies. PATIENTS AND METHODS The network penile cancer database, which details presentation, treatment and(More)
Renal angiomyolipomas (AML) are benign tumours containing vascular, smooth muscle and fatty elements. The majority of renal AML run an asymptomatic, benign course. The main associated complication is that of retro-peritoneal or intra-tumoural haemorrhage. Treatment options include conservative management versus interventional procedures such as total or(More)
Epithelioid haemangioma of the penis is a rare condition which usually presents a solid single nodule. We report a case in a 43-year-old man who presented with painful erections and sleep disturbance with two palpable penile nodules. Magnetic resonance imaging with an artificially induced erection revealed these as individual lesions, and local excision was(More)
The transobturator tape (TOT) procedure is generally felt to be a safer surgical alternative to the tension-free vaginal tape procedure for women with stress urinary incontinence. We report a case of adductor internus myositis not associated with infection following the TOT procedure. To our knowledge this is the first case of this type reported in the(More)