Marc A. Dubois

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Left and right unilateral electrode placements were alternately applied in electroconvulsive therapy given to 21 men with melancholia. Accompanying heart rate elevations were greater following right unilateral treatment than left unilateral, apparently because of longer persistence of peak rates. This is consistent with right cerebral hemisphere superiority(More)
We demonstrate the possibility to tune the electronic transport properties of graphene mono-layers and multi-layers by functionalisation with fluorine. For mono-layer samples, with increasing the fluorine content, we observe a transition from electronic transport through Mott variable range hopping (VRH) in two dimensions to Efros-Shklovskii VRH.(More)
A recent theoretical breakthrough has brought a new tool, called the localization landscape, for predicting the localization regions of vibration modes in complex or disordered systems. Here, we report on the first experiment which measures the localization landscape and demonstrates its predictive power. Holographic measurement of the static deformation(More)
  • Northrop Professor, Steve Hofmann, Carlos Kenig, Jill Pipher, Doug Arnold, Guy David +47 others
  • 2016
Partial differential eqations: second and higher order elliptic differential equations and systems in non-smooth media, boundary value problems, regularity, potential theory, spectral theory, wave propagation and localization of the eigenmodes in rough domains, free boundary problems, harmonic/elliptic measure. 1 Geometric measure theory: geometry of rough(More)
As tropical forests are complex systems, they tend to be modelled either roughly via scaling relationships or in a detailed manner as high-dimensional systems with many variables. We propose an approach which lies between the two whereby succession in a tropical forest is viewed as a trajectory in the configuration space of a dynamical system with just(More)
Large areas of savannas are found in Africa in climatic zones favourable to humid tropical forests: they are relicts of past dry periods and forest domains are naturally expanding. Men have influenced the transgression, especially by starting savanna fires. FORSAT is a stochas-tic cellular-automaton model dedicated to the forest-savanna mosaic on a(More)
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