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This paper addresses a new methodology for servo pneumatic actuators mathematical modeling in engineering applications. The nonlinear mathematical model represents main system characteristics. Simulation results show the dynamic performance in order to see which features contribute to a better behavior. Knowledge of this behavior allows the success in(More)
This work analyzes the case of an AC-AC matrix converter, as an alternative to back-to-back converter, to interface a high-speed micro-turbine generator to a utility load as a distributed generation unit. It is proposed an evaluation procedure of an input-state feedback linearization control of Two-Stage Matrix Converters, in continuous and discrete time,(More)
This paper presents two different trajectory tracking control strategies for wheeled mobile robot. The first strategy presents a time-varying linear feedback control law and the second strategy is based on State Dependent Ricatti Equation (SDRE) method. Numerical simulation results indicated that both methods can be successfully used for control of the(More)
We formulate an infinite-time quadratic functional minimization problem of Aedes aegypti mosquito population. Three techniques of mosquito population management, chemical insecticide control, sterile insect technique control, and environmental carrying capacity reduction, are combined in order to obtain the most sustainable strategy to reduce mosquito(More)
This paper deals with a microturbine generation scheme based on an indirect matrix converter, to interface a high-speed electric generator and a local load, as an alternative to conventional back-to-back converters. An optimal controller is proposed for performance enhancement and efficiency optimization aiming a unit input power factor. Principles of space(More)
Ethanol is a good choice as a fuel and additive. The increase in world demand for ethanol will bring an increase of the sugarcane planted in Brazil. One of challenges of the improvements in the farming and harvesting of cane is the biological pest control. The aim of this paper is to apply methods from optimal control theory, and from the theory of dynamic(More)
This work investigates the optimal management of water hyacinth ponds for the improvement of piggery waste treatment. The optimal harvesting strategy for the water hyacinth was studied using a single mathematical model. The water hyacinth optimal harvesting problem was formulated as an optimal control problem that was solved by application of Pontryagin's(More)
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