Marat Akhmedovich Ziganshin

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A lot of pharmaceutical substances have a poor solubility that limits their absorption and distribution to the targeted sites to elicit the desired action without causing untoward effects on healthy cells or tissues. For such drugs, new modes of delivery have to be developed for efficient and effective delivery of the drug to the target site. Formation of(More)
Specific combination of guest sorption properties was observed for phosphorus-containing dendrimers, which distinguish them from ordinary polymers and clathrate-forming hosts. The sorption capacity for 30 volatile guests, binding reversibility, guest desorption kinetics and guest exchange, glass transition behavior and ability to be plasticized with guest(More)
A studied tert-butylthiacalix[4]arene derivative with four N-(2-acetoxyethyl)carbamoylmethoxy substituents on its lower rim in partial-cone configuration (calixarene 1) can remember its previous treatment in three essentially different ways by the formation either of a molecular glass or two metastable polymorphs after heating or the removal of an included(More)
The effect of macrocycle size on the structure-property relationships was studied for inclusion compounds of tert-butylcalix[n]arenes (n=4,5) with volatile organic guests having various molecular size and group composition. Vapor-sorption isotherms, guest-inclusion stoichiometry and Gibbs energy, thermostability parameters and decomposition enthalpies were(More)
A new principle of quantitative and qualitative analysis of binary organic mixtures is offered, which is based on an ability of calixarene receptor for specific polymorphic transitions related to the composition of the analyzed guest mixture. The ability of tert-butylcalix[6]arene to remember selectively some guests bound from headspace both of pure liquids(More)
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