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This document is in the public domain and may be used and reprinted without special permission. Citation of the source is appreciated. None of the investigators have any affiliations or financial involvement that conflicts with the material presented in this report. (Contract 3-312-0212782). The findings and conclusions in this document are those of the(More)
Rapid advances in wireless technologies and the near ubiquitous nature of portable mobile devices provide an opportunity to develop and deliver new types of location centric applications and services to users. However the majority of the current location based systems lack sufficient granularity and accuracy. This paper attempts to address some of these(More)
This paper presents sample case study in the use of cognitive systems to design of a decision system for triage nursing station information management. The prototype software known as Triage Nursing Station (TNS) provides solutions to many constraints reminiscent in the current manual operations. Usability evaluations of the TNS indicate consistent(More)
Texting while driving has emerged as a significant threat to citizen safety. In this study, we utilize general deterrence theory (GDT), protection motivation theory and personality traits to evaluate texting while driving (TWD) compliance intentions among teenage drivers. This paper presents the results of our pilot study. We administered an online survey(More)
Maintaining the security of information systems has become a critical objective because of the very significant losses that result from the behaviors and actions of insiders (employees). Insider abuse, which occurs when employees violate cybersecurity policies, is frequently identified as the greatest single source of threat to organizational information(More)