Maral Shekarchi

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A new, simple, and reproducible method for determination of carboxylic acid metabolite of clopidogrel in human plasma has been developed. After liquid-liquid extraction in acidic medium with chloroform, samples were quantified on a Nova-pak C(8), 5 microm column using a mixture of 30 mM K(2)HPO(4)-THF-acetonitrile (pH = 3, 79:2:19, v/v/v) as mobile phase(More)
During the standard heat sterilization process of the lactate-buffered peritoneal dialysis solutions, glucose (an osmotic active substance) degrades to form compounds called glucose degradation products which are cytotoxic and affect the survival of the peritoneal membrane. This case presentation is based on an observation of 224 aseptic peritonitis cases(More)
Synopsis: Electric Arc Furnace Slag (EAFS) that contains low percentage of amorphous silica and high content of ferric oxides and consequently has low pozzolanic activities in comparison with Blast Furnace Slag (BFS), is not appropriate to be used in blended cement production. Due to these characteristics, the properties of EAFS, which is also addressed as(More)
Diclofenac sodium has been used for its anti-inflammatory actions for about 28 years, but since all the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) suffer from the lethal gastro intestinal (GI) toxicities, diclofenac sodium is not an exception. The free -COOH group is thought to be responsible for the GI toxicity associated with all traditional NSAIDs.(More)
Background: Cuscuta spp. known as dodders, have been used as traditional medicines in eastern and southern Asian countries for many disorders such as gastrointestinal, respiratory, endocrine, skin and neurological diseases (Drug of mania). Flavonoids are the main biologically active constituents in Cuscuta genus especially in C. chinensis. Our aim in this(More)
Vitexagnus-castusL. is a medicinal plant which is used in several dosage forms for women hormonal disorders and standardized according to the iridoids or flavonoids content. Aucubin, an iridoid glycoside, considered as a marker in some formulations. In this research, a thin layer chromatographic method with densitometric detection has been developed for(More)
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