Maral Dadvar

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The negative consequences of cyberbullying are becoming more alarming every day and technical solutions that allow for taking appropriate action by means of automated detection are still very limited. Up until now, studies on cyberbullying detection have focused on individual comments only, disregarding context such as users’ characteristics and profile(More)
As a result of the invention of social networks, friendships, relationships and social communication are all undergoing changes and new definitions seem to be applicable. One may have hundreds of „friends‟ without even seeing their faces. Meanwhile, alongside this transition there is increasing evidence that online social applications are used by children(More)
Cyberbullying is becoming a major concern in online environments with troubling consequences. However, most of the technical studies have focused on the detection of cyberbullying through identifying harassing comments rather than preventing the incidents by detecting the bullies. In this work we study the automatic detection of bully users on YouTube. We(More)
Cyberbullying is a serious social problem in online environments and social networks. Current approaches to tackle this problem are still inadequate for detecting bullying incidents or to flag bullies. In this study we used a multi-criteria evaluation system to obtain a better understanding of YouTube users‟ behaviour and their characteristics through(More)
Friendships, relationships and social communications have all gone to a new level with new definitions as a result of the invention of online social networks. Meanwhile, alongside this transition there is increasing evidence that online social applications have been used by children and adolescents for bullying. State-of-the-art studies in cyberbullying(More)
One form of online misbehaviour which has deeply affected society with harmful consequences is known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can simply be defined as an intentional act that is conducted through digital technology to hurt someone. Cyberbullying is a widely covered topic in the social sciences. There are many studies in which the problem of(More)
Bullying is a widespread problem in cyberspace and social networks. Therefore, in the recent years many studies have been dedicated to cyberbullying. Lack of appropriate dataset, due to variety of reasons, is one of the major obstacles faced in most studies. In this work we suggest that to overcome some of these barriers a model should be employed which is(More)
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