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This study aimed to assess the feasibility and short-term results for percutaneous radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of primary and secondary lung tumors. Between May 2003 and July 2004, 15 patients (mean age, 64.9 years; range, 51–80 years) with 18 pulmonary lesions (9 primitive non–small cell lung cancers and 9 metastases) underwent the ablation(More)
Many attempts have been made to obtain safe and effective analgesia in newborns. Oral glucose-water has been found to have analgesic properties in neonates. We investigated whether other sensory stimulation added to oral glucose provided more effective analgesia than oral glucose alone. In a randomized prospective double-blind trial, we studied 120 term(More)
The authors have considered 735 fractures of the proximal humerus in 748 patients, with 22% of fractures in 60-70 years old subjects. According to Neer's classification type 3 (surgical neck's fracture) and type 4 (surgical neck's fracture with greater and/or lesser tuberosity fracture) are the most frequent. The Desault bandage and the shoulder spica cast(More)
Intraoperative radiofrequency (RF) ablation has recently become a valid procedure in the treatment of liver primary or secondary malignancies in selected cases. This procedure can be used alone or in association with surgery in treating lesions not considered for curative surgery. Heat damage of the main bile ducts represents nowadays a limitation in the(More)
The authors reviewed the clinical and radiographic documentation of 44 cases of metastatic lesion in the femoral diaphysis, all treated during a 15-year period at the Centro Traumatologico e Ortopedico of Florence. The results obtained with both initial nonoperative treatment (casts) as well as subsequent intramedullary fixation are evaluated with great(More)
The Authors give an account of a case in which a newborn was affected by craniosynostosis of the sagittal suture. The ultrasonographic biometric measurements of cranium taken during the course of fetal development, when compared with those of the trunk and limbs, led the Authors to suspect the correct diagnosis even before birth; this permitted the(More)
Niobium (Nb) doping is known to have a beneficial effect on many properties of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramics. Substituting titanium (Ti) or zirconium (Zr) on a B-site, Nb ions form positive point defects that repel oxygen vacancies, even though they are compensated by negative lead (Pb) vacancies of half their concentration. As a consequence, PZT(More)
The characteristics of all the traumatic cases treated at the emergency unit of C.T.O. Hospital in Florence are here described. The year 1985 was taken as a sample to be compared to the previous statistics obtained in the past. The authors found an increase in the number and severity of the traumatic cases, particularly in old patients and localized in the(More)
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