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Hepatic steatosis is a frequently encountered disease in medical practice and it has a great importance due to the potential evolution towards cirrhosis. The clinical and laboratory evaluation has a quite reduced positive predictive value; on the other hand, a series of imagistic techniques may be used for the diagnosis and quantification of these diseases:(More)
The transperineal ultrasound (TPU) value of the angle of progression (AOP) during fetal head engagement, at station 0, is a critical cut-off for current obstetrical practice, especially when intrapartum instrumental interventions are required. Still, controversial measurements were reported in previous high resolution imagistic studies. Our TPU and direct(More)
We describe a series of cases where modern ultrasound (US) techniques diagnosed major structural abnormalities of the fetus in the first trimester (FT), unapparent when using the basic protocol of US investigation. In some cases, major structural abnormalities can be revealed in the FT scan solely to specialized personnel. Perhaps early screening should be(More)
The catalytic activity of L-aspartate α-decarboxylase (ADC) is essential for the growth of several micro-organisms, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), and has triggered efforts for the development of pharmaceutically active compounds against tuberculosis. The present study is a continuation of our recent chemoinformatics-based design approach for(More)
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