Mara Cristina Souza de Lucia

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UNLABELLED Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most frequent causes of brain damage. Cognitive deficits reported in the literature after moderate to severe TBI include memory, language, executive functions, attention and information processing speed impairments. However, systematic studies on patients with mild TBI are scarce although(More)
OBJECTIVE Little is known about the relevance of lesion in neural circuits reported to be associated with major depressive disorder. We investigated the association between lesion stroke size in the limbic-cortical-striatal-pallidal-thalamic (LCSPT) circuit and incidence of major depressive episode (MDE). METHODS We enrolled 68 patients with first-ever(More)
OBJECTIVE Post-stroke major depressive episode is very frequent, but underdiagnosed. Researchers have investigated major depressive episode symptomatology, which may increase its detection. This study was developed to identify the depressive symptoms that better differentiate post-stroke patients with major depressive episode from those without major(More)
The present study aims to evaluate psychometric data on the population of Brazil using of the Color Trails Test (CTT). The instrument was applied to 1,942 subjects who came from the north (1.4%), northeast (10.4%), midwest (7.7%), southeast (65.9%), and south (13.9%) regions of Brazil. Ages varied from 18 to 86 years (M = 40.03 years; DP = 16.02), with 386(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the risk of suicidal behavior in high-risk pregnant women at a public hospital in São Paulo. METHODS We conducted a semi-structured interview with each of the participants (n = 268) through a previously prepared questionnaire. Risk of suicidal behavior was assessed by the Portuguese version of PRIME-MD. RESULTS The mean age of(More)
OBJECTIVE The relationship between brain tumors and cognitive deficits is well established in the literature. However, studies investigating the cognitive status in low and high-grade gliomas patients are scarce, particularly in patients with average or lower educational level. This study aimed at investigating the cognitive functioning in a sample of(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the links between depression and cognitive functioning in patients with Hepatitis C and other chronic liver diseases with and without the use of alcohol on the waiting list for liver transplantation and their associations with the MELD classification. METHOD 40 patients were evaluated on a waiting list for liver transplant by a(More)
OBJECTIVE To present the development of an adapted version of the Boston Naming Test for Portuguese speakers, and to investigate the effects of age, education and gender on both the original and the adapted Boston Naming Test in respect of Brazilian Portuguese speakers. METHOD Eighty items, including the 60 original ones and 20 adapted items were(More)
BACKGROUND the occurrence of psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) is estimated to be between 2 to 33 cases in every 100,000 inhabitants. The number of patients with PNES reaches 19% of those treated as epileptics. Patients with PNES are treated as if they had intractable epilepsy, with unsatisfactory results even after medication treatment is used to(More)