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–As part of a program to investigate the feasibility of proton computed tomography, the most likely path (MLP) of protons inside an absorber was measured in a beam experiment using a silicon strip detector setup with high position and angular resolution. The locations of 200 MeV protons were measured at three different absorber depth of PMMA (3.75, 6.25 and(More)
The charge collected from beta source particles in single pad detectors produced on p-type Magnetic Czochralski (MCz) silicon wafers has been measured before and after irradiation with 26 MeV protons. After a 1MeV neutron equivalent fluence of 1x10 15 cm-2 the collected charge is reduced to 77% at bias voltages below 900 V. This result is compared with(More)
—The charge collected from p-type silicon strip sensors irradiated to SuperLHC fluences has been determined with a beta source using fast front-end electronics. The bias voltage dependence of the collected charge and the hit detection efficiency have been measured before and after accelerated annealing. Predictions of the performance at the SuperLHC are(More)
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