Mar Ruiz

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PM10, PM2.5, precursor gas, and upper-air meteorological measurements were taken in Mexico of the city s particulate matter (PM). Average 24-hour PM10 concentrations over the period of study at the core sites in the city was 75 g/m 3. The 24-hour standard of 150 g/m 3 was exceeded for seven samples taken during the study period; the maximum 24-hour(More)
BACKGROUND This study investigates the relationship between salinity and biotic communities (primary producers and macroinvertebrates) in Rambla Salada, a Mediterranean hypersaline stream in SE Spain. Since the 1980's, the mean salinity of the stream has fallen from about 100 g L(-1) to 35.5 g L(-1), due to intensive irrigated agriculture in the watershed.(More)
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