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BACKGROUND This study investigates the relationship between salinity and biotic communities (primary producers and macroinvertebrates) in Rambla Salada, a Mediterranean hypersaline stream in SE Spain. Since the 1980's, the mean salinity of the stream has fallen from about 100 g L(-1) to 35.5 g L(-1), due to intensive irrigated agriculture in the watershed.(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of depression, the most prevalent and costly mental disorder, needs to be improved. Non-concordance with clinical guidelines and non-adherence can limit the efficacy of pharmacological treatment of depression. Through pharmaceutical care, pharmacists can improve patients' compliance and wellbeing. The aim of this study is to evaluate(More)
In engineering education, puzzle solving has long been used to develop critical thinking skills. We here put forward the use of Jigsaw Puzzles in a degree program of electrical engineering for two main purposes: (1) Introduce the concept of complex systems, and (2) Justify the need for a methodological approach in a course of Digital Systems Design. This(More)
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